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A safety incentive program is one of the key elements of our 15-point Total Safety Management loss control strategy. Safety awards are the most tangible part of a successful program and add a dimension of fun. More than just fun, however, awards provide positive recognition essential to encouraging any type of desirable behavior. Because awards play such a key part, we have structured a complete safety awareness program that provides all the services needed to ensure success – for the price of the awards alone.

We are so sure of the effectiveness of our programs we charge no up-front fees. You pay for the awards as your program goals are achieved. There are no additional charges for phone consultation, planning, or our over 300-page Total Safety Management operating manual. We offer two types of programs: a Logo Program and a Catalog Program.

Logo Programs

Logo Programs use gifts such as flashlights, pocketknives, coolers, jackets, etc. imprinted with the company logo as well as a safety slogan. These programs increase company identity as well as reinforce the safety theme. The Logo Program builds incentive by increasing the value of the gift for each successive period when your objectives are met.

Catalog Programs

A Catalog Program encourages employees to save the points they earn to “buy” items they want from our catalog, which is filled with useful and popular items for home or work. Catalog Programs build incentive by giving a goal to work toward. Points are accumulated each time objectives are met and redeemed quarterly. An advantage of points-based programs is they can also be used to support individual safe behavior and perfect attendance.

OSHA has criticized programs that are based on injury rates because it worries they might discourage the reporting of accidents. We do not feel that is an issue. It depends on how the programs are designed. Besides, employers that wish to discourage the reporting of accidents do not use safety awards programs; they simply use intimidation. We do not condone that approach and we do not work with those types of employers.

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